Our mission is to provide superior, adaptable comfort that offers unparalleled support to your evolving shape, so you can live life well rested, pain-free, and ready for anything. Comfy Cloud is that much-needed hug after a long day, a soft caress that cradles your body in a comforting embrace. We are comfort that brings you back to life, comfort that shows you what it’s like to dream again.

 Designed in New York City, Comfy Cloud is an innovative, advanced material that is specifically engineered to achieve maximum comfort. The luxurious, ultra-soft outer layer is made of stretchy, plush fabric while the inside consists of a gel-coated microfiber fill made of siliconized polyester.

 The down alternative is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, so there’s no harm to sensitive areas of the body. By treating the synthetic fiber with silicate material, the polyester fibers are stiffened to prevent allergens, bacteria, and dust from attaching to the filling, aiding in the resistance of molds, mildews, and dust-mites. The poly cluster fill is soft and consistent to avoid clumping and offers plush support and pressure relief, promising all the versatility and sensation of down fibers without the odors, allergens, or sharp quills. 

 Comfy Cloud offers simplicity in design with no-frills comfort. Our products are soft, breathable, and supportive, maintaining plumpness over time with a durable resilience and long-lasting functionality. Economically priced and easy to care for, Comfy Cloud products are machine washable and dryable and offer continual buoyancy so they feel like new with every use. Delight in the comfort of the cloud and truly change the quality of your life!